At MillRight CNC, we manufacture a range of desktop CNC and standalone CNC machines that cover most needs and fit any budget. We have four platforms that each have their own advantages. MillRight CNC machines are manufactured and supported right here in the U.S.A., so you know you’re getting a quality machine and will be able to speak to a real person when you have questions. Just call 229-759-7520 for sales or support.

The Mega V is our most popular platform, and for good reason. It is fast, rigid, and comes in three sizes. The Mega V’s steel rack and pinion drive system gives it tremendously faster cutting speed and accuracy capabilities than the “other brands” that use a belt drive system. The standard Mega V and Mega V XL are desktop CNC machines with 19×19″ and 35×35″ work areas, respectively. The Mega V XXL is a standalone CNC machine that can cut or engrave a half sheet of plywood with its 50×50″ work area, or a full sheet of plywood with tiling or paneling. The Mega V Full Sheet can cut an entire 4’x8′ sheet of plywood at one time. It’s very popular with cabinet makers or those making large signs.

The Mega V is unique in that it has an optional rotary 4th axis capability. The 19×19” and 35×35” versions have an optional aluminum T Plate base, which allows for easy clamping. The Mega V is well suited for 3D carving, wood inlaying, V bit carving, guitar making, sign making, and occasional aluminum work. The Mega V is a proven workhorse, with some customers running multiple units in their production operations.


If you don’t have much shop or garage space, but you need a capable desktop CNC machine, the Carve King 2 is one to strongly consider. The Carve King 2 comes in the original 17×17″ work area while the smaller Carve King M sports a 8×9″ work area. The Carve King 2’s higher Z axis makes it easier to utilize a low-profile vise. This model features a lead screw drive that provides excellent positional accuracy. The Carve King 2 is a great choice for limited spaces and budgets. The Carve King 2 is popular with STEM, digital manufacturing classrooms, robotics teams, and home hobbyists.

The Power Route Plus is an excellent option for job shops, tool rooms, production floors, and any other operation that demands very high precision cuts. Each axis features a ball screw drive with powerful motors, enhanced ball screw supports for extra precision, and 20mm linear profile bearing rails for superb rigidity. This machine can cut all sorts of materials such as wood and plastic, but its real advantage is in aluminum, brass, and occasionally steel. The Power Route Plus has a 24×24” work area with 5.5” of gantry clearance and 6.25” of Z axis stroke, allowing you to fixture one or more vises on the aluminum T Plate table. It is also available in a 50″x50″ travel as the Power Route Plus XL.


If you are a serious hobbyist, educator, or professional user, the Mega V Pro is the go to machine for high end capabilities. It features an industrial 15″ touch screen Masso control, closed loop motion, a standard tool setter, and tons of other professional level features. This machine is based on the Mega V line, with many enhancements to rigidity, ergonomics, and capability. While it is more expensive than the regular Mega V line of machines, it boasts a combination of features not found anywhere else in our line of machines or amongst the competition.

If you need a turnkey CNC for full sheet production, the Mega V Pro Full Sheet is the way to go. It comes to you prebuilt and tested and is ready to cut a full 4×8 sheet. This machine comes with a vacuum plenum preinstalled and incorporates a tool setter, Masso control, closed loop motors, and linear profile rails on every axis.


The best part: tech support is a phone call or email away.

MillRight CNC has been shipping machines worldwide since 2016. We employ a range of industrial manufacturing tools in our machine shop that is dedicated solely to making parts for our CNC Machines. Because of our unique designs, purpose-built machine shop, and carefully chosen strategic suppliers, we can you offer the best combination of value, support, and performance on the market.