Why should I buy a MillRight CNC machine instead of some other machine?

Our machines represent the absolute best value in CNC. You can’t get a better combination of capability, affordability, and commitment to customers from any company in the industry. Our machines will do what many more expensive machines will do and save you hundreds of dollars to use for other projects! How do we do this? We manufacture major components in house with industrial machinery that we own. Most of our competitors don’t actually have machine shops, so they have to pay another company just to make their parts. We cut out the middle man and sell direct to you.

Customers all over the world are making amazing projects with their MillRight CNC machines. Many customers even use our machines in their businesses.

What materials can be cut on a MillRight CNC machine?

MillRight CNC machines can mill wood, plastics, printed circuit boards, aluminum, brass, carbon fiber, and many other materials. We don’t advertise our machines as being capable of steel and stone, but customers who have tried it report success! Our machines can engrave the surface or cut all the way through the material. You can do 2D work and also impressive 3D carvings.

What is the movement range of your machines?

The Carve King has a movement range of about 17x17x4 inches. The M3 has a movement range of 10.25×10.25×2 inches. The Power Route has a movement range of close to 25x25x5 inches.

What else do I need to start cutting?

If you purchase one of our machine bundles, you will get all the hardware you need, right down to the cutter.

If you just purchase a machine kit, you will also need a router and router mount or spindle kit added. We sell a 1.25HP DeWalt DWP611 router and a matching router mount. As an alternative, we also sell a 400 watt spindle kit. You also need end mills, which you can get in our store. These are the “cutting bits” that actually make contact with the material. The DeWalt comes with a 1/4” collet, so you should purchase the 1/4” shank end mills for it. The 400W spindle comes with a 1/8” collet, so you should purchase the 1/8” shank end mills for it. You can get new collets or adapters for either the router or the spindle to allow you to use different shank sizes.

Again, if you purchase a machine bundle, you will receive all the items you need. If you purchase just the kit, you’ll need to add other items to have everything you need.

Should I buy your DeWalt DWP611 router or your 400w spindle kit?

This is largely a matter of preference. We prefer to run DeWalt DWP611 routers on our machines over the spindle. Each has its advantages, however.

The DWP611 is more powerful, has a higher RPM range (16,000 to 27,000), and is an extremely robust and proven tool. It uses a 1/4” collet. The 400W spindle kit is much quieter, has a lower RPM range (about 8,000 to 12,000 useful range), and is more affordable. It also uses the popular ER11 collet, allowing you to get different sized collets inexpensively. It comes with one 1/8” collet.

What software do I need?

You can get all the software you need to run the machine for FREE. We recommend Autodesk Fusion 360 for designing and generating tool paths. Autodesk provides free licenses for Fusion 360 to hobbyists and small businesses.

You also need a way to interface with the machine and send it cutting programs. We like to use Universal G Code Sender Platform, which is also free. Note that Mach 3 will not interface with our controllers.

Fusion 360 and Universal G Code Sender Platform will serve most your needs. Some customers never use anything else. Other free programs that you might find useful are MakerCAM, Inkscape, F-Engrave, dmap2gcode, and Grbl Panel.

You can also use paid programs such as MeshCAM, ArtCAM, V Carve, Aspire, Cut 2D, Cut 3D, EnRoute, CamBam, PicEngrave, PicLaser, PicSender, and many others.

Where do I go if I need help?

We have the best support in the business. There are two places that you can go for support.

If you have a part that is missing or damaged, email us at support@millrightcnc.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Most responses come within 24 hours. Realistically, you might only have to wait an hour or two for a response.

If you have general questions about running or assembling your machine, it’s best to seek help on our active user forum at www.millrightcnc.proboards.com. MillRight staff checks the forum daily and will make sure that your inquiry is addressed. Forum membership is free and is sure to enhance your knowledge.

What other routers can I use with MillRight CNC machines?

The Z plate on our machines is designed to accept the mounts that we sell for DeWalt DWP611s, Bosch Colts, and 400-watt spindles. You can also find mounts for a DeWalt DW660 elsewhere. A popular mount can also be modified for a Makita RT0701. If you are creative, you could also fabricate a mount for a router that you already have laying around. We do recommend, however, that you use our router or spindle.

The Power Route in particular is well matched with the DeWalt DW618. The Z Plate is also manufactured to accept the most popular mounts for 80mm spindles with 1.5kW and 2.2kW power ratings.

Do I need the experience to assemble and run your machine?

You do not need any experience to assemble and run our machines. Our customers range from people who have never seen a CNC machine to people who run industrial five axis machines in their daily jobs. Over half of our customers have never run a CNC machine before. We pride ourselves on making every customer successful and have an active customer’s forum to help you. You should at least know how to use basic hand tools (wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers) to assemble the machine and have some basic computer skills to run the machines.

Is the MDF frame an issue if I get it for the Carve King or M3?

Absolutely not. Many competitors have tried to cast doubt on our use of high quality, professional cabinet shop grade, medium density fiberboard in framing components for our machines. Many of these same competitors are using what almost amounts to sheet metal in positions where we are using 13mm (1/2”) or 19mm (3/4”) MDF. Here’s a challenge: Find a piece of 3mm steel. Now find a piece of 19mm MDF. Try to bend them. The 3mm steel will bend much, much more than the 19mm MDF. Our machines are metal where it makes sense: Bearing plates, linear motion rail, hardware, etc. Don’t be fooled by marketing gimmicks that cost you more money but don’t make engineering sense.

We also offer King Starboard ST frames for the Carve King and M3. King Starboard ST is stiffer than normal Starboard and is a marine grade product that is moisture proof.

How do I “do” CNC?

CNC involves a “software tool chain.” This means that there is more than one program required to go from initial concept to the design being cut on your machine. The basic links of the chain are CAD -> CAM -> G Code Streaming

First, the part is designed in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. Alternatively, you may find “flat files” such as those with extensions of “DXF” or “SVF” files on vector design websites, or sharing websites such as Thingiverse. You can also find over 1000 DXF files on our resources page.

After the part is designed, a CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) program is used to generate “G Code” for the part. (AutoDesk Fusion 360 does this too). G Code just tells your CNC machine how it is to move in order to cut out or engrave your part.

The G Code file is “streamed” from your computer to your MillRight CNC machine by a G Code sender such as Universal G Code Sender or Grbl Panel.

Check out our resources page for step by step examples on how to follow a tool chain to go from idea to awesome part, ready to use or display in no time! Also, watch the video tutorials in this forum post to help you understand more about the process. This beginner’s guide on our forum will also help you.

Do your machine kits come with a control board and other electronics?

Yes. Your M3 or Carve King kit will come with a generic Uno control board, a driver breakout board, and DRV8825 stepper motor drivers. The control board comes pre-loaded with “Grbl,” a very popular CNC control firmware. The machines also come with the motors, power supply, and an electronics cooling fan.

Your Power Route will come with a pre-wired electronics box with aircraft connectors. The box contains a 48V power supply, high amp stepper drivers, an uno board, and a customer break-out board. You just have to plug the provided motors and homing switches into the back of the box.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship to almost every country in the world. Shipping charges vary depending on the weight calculated in your shopping cart and the country that the items will be shipped to. Shipping on the M3 to Canada and Mexico starts as little as $99. An M3 can be shipped outside of North America starting at $149. You are responsible for any tariffs or import duty levied by your home country.

We reserve the right to cancel an order if we find that an item can’t be delivered to your location for regulatory reasons or if the shipping costs are extremely different than customary charges. We have never had to cancel an order for this reason.

International buyers should be prepared to use an adapter for a US-style power plug.

What is your warranty and return policy?

We warranty our products for 90 days, with the exception of the Power Route, which has a 180 day warranty. It has been our experience that failures are very rare. If you are out of warranty and experience a failure, please email us. We will work out a favorable solution for you. Returns are not accepted. Orders may be canceled before shipping, but will be refunded less the 3% not returned to us by the card processor.

We reserve the right to require return of an item prior to replacement.

We are here to take care of you, the customer. If you have an issue, let us know!