Why should I buy a MillRight CNC machine instead of some other machine?

Our machines represent the absolute best value in CNC. You can’t get a better combination of capability, affordability, and commitment to customers from any company in the industry. With over seven years in business and thousands of machines in the field, we’ve been able to incorporate customer feedback and engineer superb CNC solutions.

Our machines will do what many more expensive machines will do and save you hundreds or thousands of dollars to use for other projects! How do we do this? We manufacture major components in house with industrial machinery that we own. Most of our competitors don’t actually run production machine shops, so they have to pay another company just to make their parts. We cut out the middle man and sell direct to you. Even though we have priced these machines aggressively, we’re delivering cutting edge performance. The Mega V 2 for instance, approaches the speeds of industrial CNC routers for a fraction of the price.

Customers all over the world are making amazing projects with their MillRight CNC machines and using them to make money in their businesses with a fast return on investment.

What materials can be cut on a MillRight CNC machine?

MillRight CNC machines can mill wood, plastics, printed circuit boards, aluminum, brass, carbon fiber, and many other materials. The Power Route Plus line in particular should be considered if you want to make occasional steel cuts.

You can do 2D work and also impressive 3D carvings.

What is the movement range of your machines?

Carve King 2: 17x17x4″
Mega V 2: 19×19″ (standard version), 35×35″ (XL Version), 50×50″ (XXL Version) with 5.5″+ of Z
Mega V Full Sheet: 98x50x5.5″+

Mega V Pro: 19×19.6×5.5″+

Mega V Pro XL: 35×35.4×5.5+”

Power Route Plus: 25x25x5.5″
Power Route Plus XL: 50x50x5.5″


What software do I need?

You can get all the software you need to run the machine for FREE. We recommend Autodesk Fusion 360 for designing and generating tool paths. Autodesk provides free licenses for Fusion 360 to hobbyists and small businesses. We also recommend Easel Basic as a free option.

Premium software options include Easel Pro, Vectric VCarve, Vectric Cut 2D, and Vectric Aspire. You can see all of our premium software options here.

You also need a way to interface with the machine and send it cutting programs. We like to use Universal G Code Sender Platform, which is also free. You can find a copy of Universal G Code Sender on our resources page. Other free interface programs will also work. Note that Mach 3 will not interface with our controllers. Note that machines with the Masso Control, such as the Mega V Pro, do not require an interface program as the touch screen control serves this purpose.


Where do I go if I need help?

We have the best support in the business. Just email us at support@millrightcnc.com or give support a call at 229-759-7520.

There are also online communities built around our products, including the forum at www.millrightcnc.proboards.com and the MillRight CNC Users and MillRight CNC Mega V Facebook groups. Note that these Facebook groups are a great resource, but they are run by fans and not MillRight staff.  Contact us directly if you need to confirm any information.

Reach out to us when you need help. It’s usually easier to let us assist you than to try to understand and correct an issue yourself.


Do I need the experience to assemble and run your machine?

You do not need any experience to assemble and run our machines. Our customers range from people who have never seen a CNC machine to people who run industrial five axis machines in their daily jobs. Over half of our customers have never run a CNC machine before. We pride ourselves on making every customer successful and have liftetime email and phone support to help you. You should at least know how to use basic hand tools (wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers) to assemble the machine and have some basic computer skills to run the machines.

How do I “do” CNC?

CNC involves a “software tool chain.” This means that there is more than one program required to go from initial concept to the design being cut on your machine. The basic links of the chain are CAD -> CAM -> G Code Streaming

First, the part is designed in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. Alternatively, you may find “flat files” such as those with extensions of “DXF” or “SVF” files on vector design websites, or sharing websites.

After the part is designed, a CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) program is used to generate “G Code” for the part. (AutoDesk Fusion 360 does this too). G Code just tells your CNC machine how it is to move in order to cut out or engrave your part.

We sell Vectric CAD/CAM software in our store.

The G Code file is “streamed” from your computer to your MillRight CNC machine by a G Code sender such as Universal G Code Sender or via the Masso contol.

Do the machines come with a control board and other electronics?

Yes. Your machine comes with a pre-wired electronics box assembled in the US by our experienced electronics technicians. Every box is pre-tested before shipment. You just have to plug the provided motors and homing switches into the box.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship to almost every country in the world. Shipping charges vary depending on the weight calculated in your shopping cart and the country that the items will be shipped. Please check the price at cart and contact us with any questions.

We reserve the right to cancel an order if we find that an item can’t be delivered to your location for regulatory reasons or if the shipping costs are extremely different than customary charges. We have never had to cancel an order for this reason.

International buyers should be prepared to use an adapter for a US-style power plug.

What is your warranty, return, and cancellation policy?

The Power Route Plus and Power Route Plus XL have a 2 year parts warranty.

The Mega V 2 has a 1 year parts warranty.

The Carve King 2 has a 180 day parts warranty.

It has been our experience that failures are very rare. If you are out of warranty and experience a failure, please email us. We will work out a favorable solution for you.

Returns are not accepted. Orders may be canceled before shipping, but will be refunded less the 3% not returned to us by the card processor.

We reserve the right to require return of an item prior to replacement.

We are here to take care of you, the customer. If you have an issue, let us know!