Introducing the Mega V 2: Elevate Your CNC Experience with Enhanced Value and Versatility.


MillRight CNC is thrilled to introduce the Mega V 2 as our latest evolution in our CNC machine lineup. Building upon the success of its predecessor which debuted over 4 years ago, this new iteration takes your CNC projects to the next level with numerous enhancements that stem from years of customer feedback and meticulous engineering. We’ve poured our industry expertise into refining every detail to ensure that the Mega V 2 empowers your creativity and productivity like never before. Available in 19×19″, 35×35″, 50×50″, and 50×97″ cutting areas, the Mega V 2 comes in a size that is sure to meet your needs.

What Sets the Mega V 2 Apart?


Multiple Router Mount and Spindle Choices including an Automatic Tool Changer

We’ve heard your calls for a spindle and an automatic tool changer option! Every Mega V 2 can be equipped with a Makita RT0701C router, a DeWalt DW618 router, or our VFD controlled 1.5kW spindle, a 2.2kW Quick Change Manual, or our revolutionary 2.2kW ISO20 Automatic Tool Change spindle with 8 position Automatic Tool Trolley

MillRight CNC Automatic Tool Changer


Budget Friendly or Industrial Style Control System

Unlock the full potential of your Mega V 2. Choose the budget-friendly and proven GRBL control system, or experience control at your fingertips with our Masso G3 Touch Screen control system (shown below), offering top-tier performance and widely expanded capabilities. Regardless of your selection, our expert technicians meticulously handle all the wiring, ensuring a seamless installation.

Linear Profile Rails for Ultimate Precision

Precision is non-negotiable when it comes to CNC machining, and the Mega V 2 delivers just that. We’ve integrated linear profile rails on each axis, ensuring smooth and accurate movement that translates into impeccable craftsmanship in every cut and carve. The “Mega V” wheels are gone and replaced with high quality linear profile rails.


Extended Z-Axis Clearance and Travel

Experience unrestricted possibilities with the Mega V 2’s class leading Z-axis Z travel of 6.25 inches and over 5 inches of clearance over bed. Whether you’re working on intricate 3D carvings, holding workpieces in a vise, or imparting features into existing pieces, the increased space will take your CNC machining to new heights.


Easier Assembly

We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve refined the assembly process for the Mega V 2. With enhanced design features, reduced hardware count, and more user-friendly instructions, putting together your CNC machine is now quicker and more straightforward, allowing you to get to the creative part faster. Assembly instructions are now based on exploded views to make it perfectly clear where every part goes.


Versatile Bed Options

Your projects come with different clamping needs, and so should your CNC machine’s bed. We have new bed options, including vacuum plenum beds for the XL, XXL, and Full Sheet sizes! These bed options provide enhanced material securing capabilities. The options are as follows:

Standard (19”x19” Working Area): MDF with panel nuts or Aluminum T Plate
XL (35”x35” Working Area): MDF with panel nuts, Aluminum T Plate, or Vacuum Plenum with panel nuts
XXL (50”x50” Working Area): Vacuum Plenum with panel nuts
Full Sheet (98”x50” Working Area): Vacuum Plenum with panel nuts


Stand alone or Tabletop

The XL variant of the Mega V 2 now offers an available stand, providing a solid foundation for your machine and making things easy for customers without extra table space. Additionally, the XXL model comes with the choice between a stand or tabletop configuration, allowing you to optimize your setup according to your workspace and needs. We engineered these to be easy to install after the machine is assembled in case you decide you need a stand down the road.

Game-Changing 4th Axis

Ready for a big competitive edge in your projects? Mega V 2 now offers an optional 4th axis with planetary gearbox drive—a feature popularized by the Mega V Pro. Equipped with an independent tail chuck capable of directly clamping round stock up to 2.75″ in diameter, you can create intricate designs on cylindrical objects like baseball bats, musical instruments, statuettes, and more.
What’s more, the tail chuck can be placed at any distance from the headstock, enabling you to work on full-length projects with unparalleled precision and ease. The tail chuck even comes on slides, so working on multiple pieces of the same length is as easy as sliding the tail chuck out, putting the new part in, and reclamping.



Auto Squaring Gantry and Standard Homing Switches

The Mega V 2 features independently driven Y motors and homing switches on both sides of the Y axis, allowing your gantry to auto-square during the homing cycle. The machine is so rigid that it’s difficult to push it out of square, but if you do, the Mega V 2 has you covered!


Tramming Plate that comes Standard

We believe in giving you the tools you need to achieve precision effortlessly. The Mega V 2 comes with a standard tramming plate to precisely tram your spindle or router for that perfect cut! No need to shim or make gantry adjustments anymore: Simply adjust some screws and you are in business!


A Legacy of Customer-Driven Refinement

The Mega V 2 isn’t just a machine; it’s the culmination of seven years of interaction with thousands of customers. With our machines everywhere from the weekend warrior’s garage to the workshops of NASA, your diverse feedback has driven our constant pursuit of the next level, resulting in a CNC machine that’s been meticulously engineered to cater to the demands of real-world projects. Every facet of the original Mega V has been re-examined, with tons of minor improvements to small details like cable chain mounts, machining the switch brackets from aluminum billet with stepped locating features, pinning the Z axis drive screw to the coupler, an alignment gantry seating plate, improved Y axis drive gear adjustment, improved table bracing, pinion gear guarding for enhanced safety, better wire management, and much more! We’ve kept the best features like the all steel rack and pinion for X and Y power transmission and the largest in class, heavy duty aluminum extrusion.
Every adjustment, enhancement, and feature in the Mega V 2 is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines MillRight CNC’s commitment to your success.


Unlock Your Creative Potential with the Mega V 2

The Mega V 2 is more than a tool—it’s a gateway to your imagination and success. It outshines the competition in speed and capability. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a professional craftsman, or an entrepreneur pushing the boundaries of innovation, the Mega V 2 is here to empower you.