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400W Spindle Kit


Spindle Dimensions

Collet Size: 1/8 inch (3.175mm)

Diameter: 52mm

Length:  185mm

Refund Policy and Product Warranty

60 day warranty from time of shipment.

Full refunds available for any order cancelled prior to shipment.


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This package includes a 400-watt spindle, spindle mount, speed controller, 48-volt power supply, and cord. This is the very popular 52mm spindle in a complete package at a great price. The spindle mount will bolt directly to the MillRight CNC Model M3 Z-axis plate.

This a variable speed spindle with a max RPM of 12,000 RPM. Speed is controlled by either the provided turn knob or through pulse width modulation from the machine’s controller board. It’s best to keep the speed above about 8,000 RPM as torque drops off below that.

Some simple wire splicing and routing are required. Wire and connectors will be provided.