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Whether you need a CNC machine to explore your hobby or need a quick return on investment in your business, the Mega V 2 line of performance CNC routers has you covered.

See the Product Option Explanations tab below for details on the different product options.

This listing only goes up to the XXL size. We also have another listing for the Mega V 2 Full Sheet in the store.
The 4th axis allows you to hold cylindrical pieces in a rotating chuck.
Select any optional accessories you'd like to enhance your machine. See links at the bottom of this product listing for links to these items.
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The Mega V 2 is the latest evolution of performance CNC routers from MillRight CNC. Whether you need a desktop CNC machine for your hobby or a standalone CNC router table for production, the Mega V 2 has you covered. Since the launch of the original Mega V in 2019, we’ve collected feedback from thousands of Mega V owners and have engineered features to take your CNC experience to the next level. Engrave, cut, flatten, or carve almost anything you can imagine with the Mega V 2. The Mega V 2 continues the legacy of high speed steel rack and steel pinion power transmission on the X and Y axis with an improved Z axis screw drive.

Improvements of the Mega V 2 include:

  • Linear profile rails on every axis
  • Improved subframe for extra rigidity and easy squaring
  • Thicker joining plates for class leading rigidity
  • Taller Z height with over 5.25 inches of gantry height and 6 inches of Z stroke
  • Self-squaring gantry via independently driven Y motors and dual homing switches
  • Homing switches come standard with precision switch mounts for easy switch positioning via machined registration points
  • Upgraded switch and signal cable wiring
  • Z axis coupler is now pinned to the drive screw to eliminate the possibility of slippage between the motor and drive screw
  • Upgraded cable chain mounts
  • Pinion gear guarding for enhanced safety
  • Enhanced adjustment of Y axis motors with inclined plane mounts
  • Improved build instructions with exploded views
  • Leveling feet on every machine
  • Optional Masso G3 Touch Control system
  • Options for 120V spindle package or mounts for either Makita RT0701C or DeWalt DW618 routers (routers not offered, only the router mount)
  • Option for a 220V Automatic Tool Changer with 8 Tool Position Automatic Tool Trolley (at least 5 CFM of dry air at 95PSI is required). Note that the entire system will be 220V single phase if the ATC option is selected. Comes with four ISO 20 tool holders.
  • Optional stand with steel braces on the Mega V 2 XL. The stand comes standard on the XXL size.
  • Options for beds ranging from basic beds with inserts, T Plate Aluminum, and Vacuum Plenum Beds
  • Optional 4th axis capable of chucking up to 2.75″ stock with lengths the extent of machine travel via the independent tail chuck
Important note on voltages: Machines using 2.2kW spindles are 220V only, using a NEMA 6-20 plug. Machines selecting “I’ll provide my own”, a Makita router mount, a DW618 router mount, or 1.5kW spindle will be sent as a 120V machine with a standard American household plug.
Please note that due to the variety of options, the picture that shows may not be representative of the exact configuration you have selected. Please contact us at sales@millrightcnc.com or 229-759-7520 with any questions you may have. We want you to receive exactly the product you expect.
Assembly is required on these machines. Instruction booklets are provided.
  • Standard size (19″) or XL size (35″) with GRBL control: Ships within 2 business days
  • XXL size (50″) with GRBL control: Ships within 5 business days
  • Any size (standard through XXL) machine with a Masso Control: Ships within 10 business days
  • Any size (standard through XXL) machine with a 2.2Kw ATC or Manual Quick Change Spindle: Ships within 15 business days



Control System Options:

The GRBL system requires you to hook up your computer to the machine.

The Masso G3 Touch system is a highly advanced motion control system with a large touch screen control that allows for WiFi connectivity, faster processing, and more sophisticated control. The automatic tool changer option (presented below) is only available to you if you select the Masso G3 Touch Control System. The GRBL system will NOT run the automatic tool changer.

Router Mount and Spindle Options:

There are multiple options to suit your needs for router mounts and spindles. If you prefer a router, you may choose between a router mount for a Makita RT0701C router, a router mount for the DeWalt DW618 router. We do not sell the routers, just the router mounts.

If you prefer a higher quality machine spindle option, we have three configurations to choose from:

The 1.5kW 120V air cooled spindle is a VFD driven machine spindle with an RPM range of 6000-24000 and does not require any external water plumbing and operates on 120V. It uses an ER20 collet system and requires that you use wrenches to change the cutting tool. This option can be used on either control system.

The 2.2kW Manual Quick Change ISO20 spindle runs on 220 volt single phase with an RPM range of 6000-24000 and uses air pressure to clamp and release the ISO20 tool holders by a simple button press. With this option, you do not need wrenches to change the cutting tool. Comes with four ISO20 tool holders. This option can be used on either control system. 

The 2.2kW Automatic Tool Changer ISO20 spindles runs on 220 volt single phase with an RPM range of 6000-24000 and automatically changes from one tool to the other. This option includes an 8 tool position tool trolley that automatically deploys during a tool change so the machine and spindle can seamlessly and automatically change its cutting tools. Selecting this option will provide all of the pneumatic components and sensors necessary for reliable operation. This is an excellent choice for those needing production level capabilities and full jobs completed without the interaction of an operator. Comes with four ISO20 tool holders (positions for up to 8). This option is only available with the Masso control. The GRBL system can not handle automatic tool changes. 

You MUST have an air compressor with at least 5CFM at 95 PSI for the ATC Spindle and Manual Quick Tool Change ISO20 Spindle. 

Bed options:

The bed options vary by the size of the Mega V 2. For all sizes, you can choose to reduce cost by providing your own bed surface. You still get the subframe that provides attachment points for the bed.

The standard (19x19") version has options for a basic MDF bed with pronged panel nuts or an Aluminum T Plate Bed.

The XL (35x35") version has options for a basic MDF bed with pronged panel nuts, an Aluminum T Plate Bed, or a Vacuum Plenum Bed with supplemental pronged panel nuts.

The XXL (50x50") version has the option for a Vacuum Plenum Bed with supplemental pronged panel nuts.

What is a "basic MDF bed with pronged panel nuts?"

This bed has 3/4" MDF panels that mount to the subframe with a pattern of panel nuts that allow for clamping at various places. It provides a basic bed surface with some places to hold down materials. It's a great way to get going.

What is an Aluminum T Plate bed?

This bed option provides nearly infinite clamping points because its comprised of sections of extruded T slotted plates, allowing you to run T nuts into the bed at almost any location. Because these aluminum sections are 5/8" thick, its the most rigid of all the bed options. If you plan to run any mist coolant when cutting materials such as brass or aluminum, this is the best choice as the aluminum will not absorb liquids and its great for mounting vises to secure workpieces.

What is a Vacuum Plenum Bed?

This bed option is intended to be used with a vacuum (not included) for suctioning down sheet goods. It is comprised of a grid square pattern that allows for rubber gasketing material (not included) to be placed at the perimeter of the workpiece to seal the vacuum. This is the right choice for pulling down thing sheets such as circuit boards, veneers, sheet panels such as sheet aluminum, plywood, or MDF. This will not work to hold down rigid pieces such as 2x4" lumber, warped slabs, or small pieces where vacuum doesn't have enough surface area to create a strong hold. There are, however, panel nuts included to supplement in hold down or to allow for mechanical clamping if vacuum isn't used. Vacuum plumbing and actual vacuum is NOT provided, but a list of suggested materials are provided here. These are just the vacuum plenum bed panels.

Note that part of the cost of these beds on this product page covers the extra shipping incurred by shipping these boxes to you that would not otherwise be incurred if you provided your own bed.

Select 3 axis or get an optional rotary 4th axis

The optional 4th axis uses a 3 jaw chuck on the headstock to clamp cylindrical parts up to 2.75" in diameter. It features a planetary gearbox on the headstock that multiplies the torque of the NEMA 23 motor five times and equally increases the resolution. The 4th axis system also comes with an independent tail chuck on sliders that can be placed any distance from the headstock to allow you to machine cylindrical parts then easily unclamp and reclamp the next part. This accessory is ideal for parts such as chair spindles, baseball bats, chess pieces, statuettes, and other parts similar to what a lathe would make.


Mega V 2 XL as a desktop CNC machine or standalone CNC router table:

The XL (35"x35") cutting area version can be selected as a desktop machine that you put on your own table or you can select the optional stand with extrusion legs and steel braces. The stand comes with leveling feet. The XXL version (50"x50") comes standard with a stand. The standard version (19"x19") is only available as a desktop CNC.


Mega V Standard: Cutting area of 19"x19"x5.25" (with 6.25" Z Stroke) and footprint of 28"x33". There is also an 8" wide control box that will sit to the side of this.

Mega V XL: Cutting area of 35"x35"x5.25" (with 6.25" Z Stroke) and footprint of 42"x49.5". The desktop version (without a stand) has an 8" wide control box that will sit to the side of this. The version with the stand will mount the control box under the machine.

Mega V XXL: Cutting area of 50"x50"x5.25" (with 6.25" Z Stroke) and footprint of 58"x63"


Interface programs are free for any machine. The GRBL control system has a range of free interfacing programs, including our version of Universal G Code Sender on our resources page. The Masso G3 control system has a built in interface program.

CAD and CAM (design and toolpathing) software is NOT included. Hobbyists and start-ups can get access to Fusion 360 for free from Autodesk. See Autodesk for specific details. We use a commercial version of Fusion 360 for designing and tool pathing and we recommend it for users making mechanical parts, especially if you qualify for free access. There are other free programs as well.

We also sell a variety of premium design and tool pathing programs. These programs are great for both mechanical parts and artistic work such as signs.

Easel Pro is a very user friendly design and tool pathing program. It is great for a the beginner but it is not shy on features. You can 3D Carve, V bit carve, and connect directly to the machine (skipping the interface program) using the GRBL system. It also has built in files to make it easy to get running. Easel Pro will NOT run a 4th axis or connect directly to a 4th axis machine or Masso Control. It is sold as a ONE YEAR license.

Vectric Cut2D Desktop is great for cutting basic 2D designs. It has a maximum work area limitation of 24"x24". It is sold as a permanent license.

Vectric VCarve Desktop lets you cut 2D shapes, V Carve, 3D carve, and do rotary 4th axis wrapped toolpaths (bats, chair spindles, etc). It has a maximum work area limitation of 24"x24". It is sold as a permanent license.

Vectric VCarve Pro does everything the Desktop version does, but with no limit to your work area. This is an excellent choice for the Mega V 2 XL and larger machines. It has the added benefit of a nesting feature to maximum part yield out of a sheet. It is sold as a permanent license.

Vectric Aspire is the king of design and tool pathing software. It has no work area limit and does everything VCarve Pro does, plus 3D modeling, sculpting, and slicing. It is sold as a permanent license.



Need financing?

Financing for individuals is available through Affirm at checkout.

Financing for your business is available through American Bank Equipment Finance by clicking this link.