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Mega V Full Sheet Router


Mills wood, plastic, foam, carbon fiber, circuit boards, and soft metals.

Working Area:
Approximately 50″x98″x3.75″. You can cut an entire sheet of 4×8′ plywood with this machine.


The machine is approximately 58″ x 114″ x 48″ high and weighs approximately 400 to 450 pounds, depending on the configuration.


Assembly is required. This is a very large machine. Anticipate a full weekend or more of assembly.


One year parts warranty from the date of shipment. No returns or cancellations are permitted once the order has left our facility. We provide free technical support for this product.


The Mega V Full Sheet comes flat pack shipped in several boxes. The size of the pieces forces the packages into oversized and overweight categories that come with unavoidable surcharges from FedEx and UPS. Shipping is $629 on this unit.

Software is not included but there are free and paid options. See the FAQ page. We also sell Vectric software. Vectric VCarve Pro and Easel Pro are excellent programs to consider.

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The lead time to shipment is 2 weeks or less.

The panel option is currently out of stock.

The Mega V Full Sheet brings the very popular Mega V platform to full sheet capability. Cut up to full 4×8′ nominal sized sheet of MDF, wood, plastic, sign foam, aluminum composite, and many other materials accurately and quickly.

The Mega V Full Sheet is one of the most affordable full sheet CNC routers on the market while still being capable of serious production work for your business. The super rigid frame and premium drive system combine for unmatched performance. The Mega V rapid traverses at 650 inches per minute (16,510 mm/minute) on the X and Y axes, giving a diagonal traverse rate of almost 920 inches per minute (23,368mm/minute).  Just as importantly, the Mega V has the power to accelerate very quickly. It goes from a full stop to full rapid in a flash. With a maximum cutting rate of 500 inches per minute (12,700 mm/minute), the Mega V can cut more than twice as fast as some other machines can rapid traverse.

The Mega V Full Sheet comes standard with a 2.25HP DeWalt DW618 Router.

Homing switches come standard on the Mega V Full Sheet

A rotary 4th axis is available as an option on the Mega V Full Sheet.

Panel skirts are available as an option on the Mega V Full Sheet. They are for aesthetics only. This option adds the front panel with MillRight Logo, side panels, and rear panels that are laser cut from steel and powder coated to match the bearing plates.

The black bed surface shown is not included due to shipping restrictions. The drawings for the bed along with a DXF file will be provided.


Machine Specifications

  • Movement Range, XXL Model: 1270mm x 2490mm x 95mm (50” x 98 x 3.75”)
  • X and Y Extrusion Rail Dimension: 100mm x 60 mm with up to 8mm thickness (3.94” x 2.36”; up to 0.315” thick)
  • Midspan support Y Rails
  • Z Rail: MGN15 Linear Profile Rails
  • Bearing Wheel: 40mm Acetron (1.57”) with dual 608-2RS bearings
  • Router: 120V 2.25 Horsepower DeWalt DW618
  • Power Requirement: 120V.
  • Homing Switches: X, Y, Z
  • Electronics box: Laser Cut, brake bent, pre-soldered, and pre-assembled
  • Bearing Plates: Precision Cut 6.35mm (0.25”) Steel
  • X Axis Total Motor Torque: 270 ounce/inch
  • Y Axis Total Motor Torque: 540 ounce/inch
  • Z Axis Total Motor Torque: 270 ounce/inch
  • A Axis (Optional) Total Motor Torque: 270 ounce/inch
  • Digital Stepper Driver Max Amperage: 4 Amps/phase
  • X Axis Resolution: 0.013mm (0.0005”)
  • Y Axis Resolution: 0.013mm (0.0005”)
  • Z Axis Resolution: 0.005mm (0.0002”)
  • A Axis (Optional) Resolution: 0.028 degrees
  • X Axis No Load Accuracy and Repeatability: 0.025mm per 300mm (0.001” per 12”)
  • Y Axis No Load Accuracy and Repeatability: 0.025mm per 300mm (0.001” per 12”)
  • Z Axis No Load Accuracy and Repeatability: 0.0076mm per 100mm (0.0003” per 4”)
  • A Axis (Optional) No Load Accuracy and Repeatability: 0.05 degrees per 360 degrees
  • X Axis Rapid Rate:  16,510 mm/min (650 inches per minute)
  • Y Axis Rapid Rate: 16,510 mm/min (650 inches per minute)
  • Z Axis Rapid Rate: 4,570 mm/min (180 inches per minute)
  • A Axis (Optional) Rapid Rate: 21,600 degrees/min
  • Maximum Cutting Feed Rate: 12,700 mm/min (500 inches per minute)
  • X Axis Acceleration: 0.15 G Force
  • Y Axis Acceleration: 0.15 G Force
  • Z Axis Acceleration: 0.07 G Force
  • A Axis Maximum OD Chuck Capacity: 25.4mm (1”)
  • X and Y Axis Drive Mechanism: Precision 20 Diametral Pitch Rack with Hardened Steel Pinion
  • Z Axis Drive Mechanism: Lead screw with anti-backlash nut
  • A Axis (Optional) Drive Mechanism: Closed loop GT2 Timing Belt


Additional information

Weight 4000 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 5 in
4th Axis

3 Axis Only (+$0), Rotary 4th Axis (+$469)

Panel Skirts

No Panel Skirts (+$0), With Panel Skirts ($279)