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Mega V Pro



Lead time:
There is a 5 week lead time to shipment on the Mega V Professional Series. The payment is collected now.


Mills any wood, aluminum, brass, circuit boards, carbon fiber, plastics, and occasional cuts in hard materials such as steel.

Travel Strokes
Approximately 19″ x 19.6″ x 6″
Approximately 35″ x 35.4″ x 6″ (XL model)

Warranty and Related Information

One year parts warranty from the time of shipment. We provide free technical support for this product with proof of original purchase.

No returns or cancellations are permitted once the order has left our facility.


The Mega V Pro ships via TRUCK FREIGHT to the contiguous United States only. This can not ship internationally, or to Hawaii or Alaska. Shipping is $600 and covers residential delivery with lift gate service. Note that semi trucks will not travel down your driveway and may not be able to access some locations.


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The Mega V Pro is a turnkey CNC system that delivers professional performance and reliability. The Mega V Pro is offered in 19×19″ and 35×35″ (Mega V Pro XL) cutting sizes and comes assembled! Just mount the control stand to your table or wall, plug it in, and start machining.

The Mega V Pro springs from years of customer feedback and the calls from long-time users for a no compromises, high performance CNC system that’s fit for production work.

Please note that the Mega V Pro and Mega V Pro XL are on a 5 week lead time. All other models are shipping much faster. If you need something sooner, please consider another of our models.


Pro Features

  • Masso G3 Touch Industrial Control System with 15″ touch screen (no additional computer connection needed) on swivel mount.
  • Comes pre-assembled and pre-tested by MillRight technicians
  • Closed loop motion system for high precision motion control
  • Automated 2HP spindle controlled by the control
  • Linear profile rails and bearings on each axis
  • Precision Tool Setter with touch-off and tool height updates every tool change
  • Six inches of Z stroke with approximately 5.5″ of gantry clearance
  • Air blast controlled from G code
  • MPG handwheel to control each axis independently
  • Auxiliary 5V output controllable by M code to turn on your own IoT relay for vacuums, lights, etc.
  • Large, media filled extrusions for vibration dampening
  • 3D probing capabilities with optional Precision Part Probe. Find edges, Z surface, hole centers, and more
  • Aluminum Fixture Plate Bed option with 256 threaded holes on the standard size Pro and 576 threaded holes on the Pro XL
  • Planetary Gearbox Reduction Drive on optional 4th Axis for high torque rotary work with software backlash compensation
  • WiFi enabled file transfer and machine monitoring through Masso Link
  • Self squaring via independent Y homing
  • Compatible with all JTech Lasers we offer


Want to learn even more about the Mega V Pro? See this page to learn all about it.


Machine Specifications

  • Movement Range, Standard Size: 19” x 19.6” x 6″ (494mm x 500mm x 152mm) with approximately 5.5″ of gantry clearance of fixture plate bed
  • Movement Range, XL Size: 35” x 35.4”x 6” (888mm x 900mm x 152mm) with approximately 5.5″ of gantry clearance of fixture plate bed
  • Industrial Masso G3 Touch standalone control with 15″ touch screen
  • X and Y Rail Dimension: 3.93″ x 2.62″ x up to 5/16″ thickness (100mm x 60 mm with up to 8mm thickness), media filled for vibration reduction
  • MGN15 Linear Profile Rails on X, Y, and Z axis
  • Spindle: 2HP Air Cooled, 6000 RPM to 24000 RPM, ER20 Spindle, G code controllable.
  • Maximum Tool Shank: 1/2″
  • Power Requirement: 120V, 20 Amp Circuit
  • Homing Switches: X, Y, Z with self-squaring capability on the Y
  • Electronics Control box: Pre-assembled and pre-wired
  • Bearing Plates: Precision Cut  0.25” Steel and 3/8″ – 1/2″ Aluminum
  • X Axis Total Motor Torque: 283 ounce inch (CLOSED LOOP WITH ENCODER)
  • Y Axis Total Motor Torque: 566 ounce inch (CLOSED LOOP WITH ENCODER)
  • Z Axis Total Motor Torque: 283 ounce inch (CLOSED LOOP WITH ENCODER)
  • A Axis (Optional) Total Motor Torque: 283 ounce inch (CLOSED LOOP WITH ENCODER)
  • X Axis Resolution: 0.0002″
  • Y Axis Resolution: 0.0002″
  • Z Axis Resolution: 0.0002”
  • A Axis Resolution: 0.02 degrees
  • X Axis No Load Accuracy and Repeatability: 0.0005” per 12”
  • Y Axis No Load Accuracy and Repeatability: 0.0005” per 12”
  • Z Axis No Load Accuracy and Repeatability: 0.0002” per 6″
  • A Axis No Load Accuracy and Repeatability: 0.05 degrees per 360 degrees
  • X Axis Rapid Rate: 800 inches per minute
  • Y Axis Rapid Rate: 800 inches per minute
  • Z Axis Rapid Rate: 235 inches per minute
  • A Axis Rapid Rate: 36,000 degrees/min (600 degrees/second)
  • Maximum Cutting Feed Rate: 700 inches per minute
  • X Axis Acceleration: 0.183 G Force
  • Y Axis Acceleration: 0.15 G Force
  • Z Axis Acceleration: 0.12 G Force
  • A Axis Maximum OD Chuck Capacity: 2.75″
  • A Axis Maximum ID Clamping Capacity 3″
  • X and Y Axis Drive Mechanism: Closed loop motors with precision 20 Diametral Pitch Rack with Hardened Steel Pinion
  • Z Axis Drive Mechanism: Closed loop motor with trapezoidal lead screw with double anti-backlash nut
  • A Axis Drive Mechanism: Closed loop motor with planetary reduction gearbox delivering 1410 ounce inch of torque at the chuck
  • Bed System: Starboard with inserts or optional aluminum fixture plate with 256 holes threaded 5/16″ on 19×19″ or 576 holes threaded 5/16″ on XL model


Additional information

Weight300 lbs

Meg V Pro (19×19"), Mega V Pro XL (35×35")

Bed Type

HDPE w/ Threaded Inserts ($0), Aluminum Fixture Plate 19×19, Aluminum Fixture Plate 35×35

4th Axis

3 Axis Only ($0), 4th Axis w/ Independent Tail Stock (+$679)

Precision Part Probe

Without Probe ($0), Add Precision Part Probe (+$249)

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