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MillRight CNC Power Route Plus XL



Product Info

Cut hard materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, and even occasionally steel. Woods and plastics are a breeze with the Power Route Plus XL.

Working Area:
Approximately 50”×50”×5.5″ (Gantry Clearance is 5.5″, Total Z Stroke is 6.25″)

69″ wide x 66″ deep x 56″ inches high and weighs about 450 pounds


There is a 2 year parts warranty. No returns or cancellations are permitted once the order has left our facility.

We provide free phone technical support for this product.


Lead time to shipment is 2 weeks. Shipping is only available to the contiguous United States. Please contact us at 229-759-7520 or sales@millrightcnc.com if you need it shipped elsewhere.


The 4th axis allows you to hold cylindrical pieces in a rotating chuck.
Note that the spindle is the entire spindle and VFD package. The router mount option is just the router mount for the DW618. The router has to be acquired separately.
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The Power Route Plus XL takes you to the next level of CNC capability with its heavy-duty frame, precision ball screw drive system, big linear bearings, high torque motors, and precision milled heavy duty bearing plates. Building on the success of its popular predecessor, the Power Route Plus XL incorporates years of customer feedback and engineering tweaks that make it the most robust system possible for the price.  Key improvements include much larger bearings, more Z stroke and gantry clearance, improved ball screw bearing supports, better safety shielding, and an enhanced electronics control box,

The Power Route Plus XL is not a desktop CNC. It comes with legs and braces to make it rigid, standalone CNC. This is the market standard for work area and capability at the price point.

The control box comes with the electronics pre-wired for you and sits on a shelf below the machine’s work table.

Control System Options:

The GRBL system requires you to hook up your computer to the machine.

The Masso G3 Touch system is an advanced motion control system with a large touch screen control that allows for WiFi connectivity, faster processing, and more sophisticated features while still being very easy to use. This option includes a jog handwheel and precision toolsetter.

Router Mount and Spindle Options:

You may choose  a router mount for the DeWalt DW618 router. We do not sell the routers, just the router mounts.

If you prefer a higher quality machine spindle option, we have the 1.5kW 120V air cooled VFD spindle. This spindle has an RPM range of 6000-24000 and does not require any external water plumbing and operates on 120V. It uses an ER20 collet system and requires that you use wrenches to change the cutting tool.

Select 3 axis or get an optional rotary 4th axis:

The optional 4th axis uses a 3 jaw chuck on the headstock to clamp cylindrical parts up to 2.75″ in diameter. It features a planetary gearbox on the headstock that multiplies the torque of the NEMA 23 motor five times and equally increases the resolution. The 4th axis system also comes with an independent tail chuck on sliders that can be placed any distance from the headstock to allow you to machine cylindrical parts then easily unclamp and reclamp the next part. This accessory is ideal for parts such as chair spindles, baseball bats, chess pieces, statuettes, and other parts similar to what a lathe would make.


Machine Specifications:
Movement Range, XL Model: 1275mm x 1275mm x 128mm (51”x50”x5.5”)
X and Y Rail Dimension: 60mm x 60mm with up to 12mm thickness (2.36” x 2.36”; up to 0.472” thick)
Bearings System: 20mm (3/4″) Heavy Duty Linear Profile Rails and Bearing Blocks
Router: 120V 2.25 Horsepower DeWalt DWP618
Power Requirement: 120V.
Homing Switches: X, Y, Z standard
Electronics box: Laser Cut, brake bent, pre-soldered, and pre-wired
Bearing Plates: Precision Cut 16mm (0.625”) Aluminum
X Axis Total Motor Torque: 540 ounce/inch
Y Axis Total Motor Torque: 1080 ounce/inch
Z Axis Total Motor Torque: 270 ounce/inch
Digital Stepper Driver Max Amperage: 4.8 Amps/phase
X Axis Resolution: 0.01mm (0.0004”)
Y Axis Resolution: 0.01mm (0.0004”)
Z Axis Resolution: 0.02mm (0.0007”)
X Axis No Load Accuracy and Repeatability: 0.025mm per 1000mm (0.00098” per 12”)
Y Axis No Load Accuracy and Repeatability: 0.025mm per 1000mm (0.00098” per 12”)
Z Axis No Load Accuracy and Repeatability: 0.0076mm per 1000mm (0.0003”per 4”)
X Axis Rapid Rate: 10160 mm/min (400 inches per minute)
Y Axis Rapid Rate: 10160 mm/min (400 inches per minute)
Z Axis Rapid Rate: 5080mm/min (200 inches per minute)
Maximum Cutting Feed Rate: 7620 mm/min (300 inches per minute)
X and Y Axis Drive Mechanism: 16mm Precision Ball Screw (Dual on Y)
Z Axis Drive Mechanism: 12mm Precision Ball Screw
Fixturing Bed: Heavy Duty T Plate Extruded Table

Assembly is required. Expect at least a full weekend project of assembly. This is a serious piece of machinery – not a toy. The machine is about  about 69″ wide x 66″ deep x 54″ high with a shipping weight of about 450 pounds.

The blue vise shown in the picture is not included.

It does not come with design software, but Autodesk offers all hobbyists a free license (not a trial) for design software called Fusion 360. You might also consider one of the Easel or Vectric CAD/CAM programs that we offer at https://millrightcnc.com/product-category/software/

Need financing?

Financing for individuals is available through Affirm at checkout.

Financing for your business is available through American Bank Equipment Finance by clicking this link.