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Our precision touch plate is a great way to set your zero! Made from 6061 aluminum with our high precision industrial machining center, this device will help find a corner and set your X, Y, and Z zero quickly and accurately.

This touch plate can be used with the Power Route, Mega V, or Carve King 2. It can not be used with the M3 or Carve King 1 at this time. Please specify the machine you have so we can send you a touch plate with the appropriate connector. The Power Route and Mega V use an aircraft style connector, whereas the Carve King 2 uses a two point Dupont connector.

It works by completing an electrical circuit between the touch plate and your cutter. Simply connect the alligator clip to your end mill and place the zeroing plate on your work piece. Use the G38.2 command with axis, distance, and feed rate (IE: G38.2 Z-50 F80) to initiate a probing cycle. The corner of the touch plate is relieved so you can place the MillRight logo upside down and place the ledge of the touch plate against your work piece’s corner. This will allow you to find the exact corner of your work piece and set the Z axis quickly. A video tutorial is being put together to walk you through how to use it.

See the tutorial video below:

Get the Universal G Code Macro at the link below:


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Carve King 2, Mega V, Power Route

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