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Quad Pro 24 Watt Laser with Air Assist



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This JTECH laser combines FOUR laser diodes to output 24 watts of focused laser power! At MillRight CNC, we’ve run everything from diode, to CO2, to fiber lasers in our products and production machines. We LOVE this laser. It’s compact, mounts directly to the machine, and packs serious power.

Engrave on wood, leather, acrylics, and many other materials
Cut plywood, MDF, and solid wood
Cut many types of foam and plastics
MAKE incredible objects for projects or production. Your creations are only limited by your imagination!


Even More Cutting Power – Air Assist

This QUAD PRO laser has the ability to cut more materials at larger thickness than the existing 7W PRO laser and 14W DUAL PRO.  This version comes with JTECH’s air assist attachment to make faster cuts! It makes for an awesome cutting tool.  1/4″ plywood, 1/2″ dark acrylics, 1/2″ MDF? No problem! You must provide your own air pump (see Amazon – $30 to $40) for the air assist. On the Mega V Pro, you can tie this into the existing air blast. The laser will cut without air assist, but its effectiveness is greatly enhanced when used.


Safety features to protect yourself and others:

Key Switch – This key is needed to enable the laser.  When the key switch is turned on, the laser is enabled and the key CANNOT come out. You can only remove the key when it is disabled. This feature is good if you have curious children or have your laser in a shared area and want to limit use. Just take the key out and hide it!

Remote Interlocks – This feature allows for the addition of switches to your enclosure so when it is open, the laser will automatically turn off. Also provides for the addition of an EStop button for the laser, which is always good for if you need to stop the laser super quick!  Add as many switches as you want to make a super safe area for your laser machine so nobody can accidentally look into the laser.

Power Fault Protection – This one may seem like it is not needed, but hear us out.  Consider your power goes out in your area where the laser is located.  You were running your program and then everything is dark…Power doesn’t come back on for awhile… long enough for you to forget that the laser was left ON! You come back and are checking your laser and boom, the power is back on, right when you are looking straight at it. Well, don’t worry because the laser will be disabled whenever the power to the driver is lost. Press the reset button and you are back in action!

Emission Indicator –  The small little LED on the front to let you know you’re really super bright laser is on.



What this kit includes:

The standard kit comes with:

  • 24W Quad laser diode head with magnetic shroud
  • Quad Laser Diode Driver
  • Laser shroud
  • Power Adapter 24V
  • Power Extension Cable
  • Laser Safety Goggles for 445nm Lasers
  • Molex MiniFit Jr. Input Cable