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Torus Pro Industrial Mill


Mills steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, iron, bronze, stainless, ABS, acetal, polycarbonate, HDPE, carbon fiber, and many other materials

Working Area:
Approximately 24” (X) ×15” (Y) ×11.5” (Z)

What’s included:
Torus Pro CNC mill with stand, power draw bar, control computer loaded with Mach 3, high capacity coolant system

What’s not included:
Vise, clamps, tool holders, CAD/CAM. Hobbyist users can get a free license for Fusion 360 from Autodesk.


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MillRight CNC is pleased to partner with Novakon to offer their Torus Pro CNC mill with machine stand and power draw bar upgrade. Please email sales@millrightcnc.com if you would like to schedule a call about this machine.

This machine is an excellent choice for plant tool rooms, school technology labs, home machine shops, and small businesses manufacturing their own products that need reliability and precision. The Torus Pro outperforms the competition with its tight tolerances, huge work area and heavy duty cast iron construction. It conveniently runs on single phase power.

Features and Specifications:
24 x 15 x 11.5” movement range
2 Horsepower, High Torque 6000 RPM variable speed R8 spindle
12″ x 40″ cast iron table with 5/8″ T Slots
220VAC, 15 Amp single phase power
Power draw bar for releasing and loading tools at the push of a button
NEMA 34 stepper motors with 1850 in/oz of torque
Precision linear ways on Z axis
Heavy duty cast iron dovetail ways on X and Y
Uses QTC or TTS style tooling
High precision ball screws with ball nut backlash less than 0.0005″
Accumulated axis backlash under 0.0013″
Step resolution of 0.0001″
Control computer pre-loaded with Mach 3 control system
29 gallon coolant system with wash down hose
Solid state limit switches
Single shot lubrication pump
Spindle nose to table range of 5.25″ to 16.75″
Machine weighs approximately 1600 pounds
Approximate outer dimensions are 90″ high x 87″ wide x 56″ deep

We prefer check or wire transfer payment for this item. Please contact sales@millrightcnc.com

There is a 365 day parts warranty on this product from the date of invoice. Customers have fourteen days from date of delivery to check machine functionality and report any shipping or "on arrival" damages. No returns once the order has left our facility. Both MillRight and Novakon stand ready to provide excellent technical support for this product.

This item requires truck freight shipment and must be quoted for each customer. You are responsible for freight charges, which are not included in the listed price. Please sales@millrightcnc.com for a shipping quote.

Ships in two crates, the larger of which is 46” x 49” x 56” and weighs 1480 pounds