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Vacuum Clamping Fixture with Vacuum Generator


This is a great way to hold down parts by vacuum clamping force. This is everything you need except for a compressor to hold down parts by vacuum. There are two plenum sizes to choose from. Each plenum can clamp down smaller parts as well as parts slightly larger than the plenum itself.

You can hold down woods, plastics, printed circuit boards, sheet metal and metal plates by vacuum power alone!

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Simply place the vacuum plenum on your machine's bed. Clamp the plenum to the table using the provided slotted aluminum clamps. Run the provided gasket material along the edge of the plenum to prevent vacuum escaping.

Poke some holes in the provided sacrificial medium to allow vacuum to pass. Place the work piece on top of sacrificial medium or directly onto the plenum.  If you intend to cut through the material, you must use the sacrificial medium. Connect vacuum ports on the side of the plenum using the provided fittings and hoses. Finally, connect the provided Venturi vacuum generator to your compressor and open the valve on the vacuum generator.

It's best not to puncture completely through the material when cutting so as not to break the vacuum seal. You can, however, cut all the way though if you are strategic about where you put holes in your sacrificial medium (included).

Porous materials allow vacuum loss and may not be held as firmly as a non-porous material. Very small parts may not have enough surface area to be held by vacuum.

The 200mm x 200mm plenum is compatible with the M3, Carve King, and Power Route.

The 400mm x 300mm plenum is compatible with the Carve King and Power Route. It is too large for the M3.


This CNC vacuum clamping system includes a surfaced aluminum vacuum plenum, a venturi vacuum generator, vacuum line, sacrificial pad, four slotted aluminum clamps to hold down the fixture, and gasket material.

Simply hook the male quick disconnect on the vacuum generator to your air compressor and it will generate powerful vacuum suction from compressed air by the Venturi effect.

The vacuum generator works best at about 90 PSI and consumes about 2 CFM, so make sure your compressor is properly rated. You can not generate vacuum for this without a compressor. 

This is the easiest way to hold down parts! This is great at holding down thick or thin materials.

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Weight 4.00 lbs
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200mm x 200mm, 400mm x 300mm