Build went smoothly! I’ve ordered a few build-it-yourself 3D printer kits and none have come close to your level of commitment in making a comprehensive assembly manual. I really appreciate you taking the time to flash GRBL on the Arduino for your customers. I wasn’t expecting the startup to be so effortless. I still need to calibrate the steps/mm and plumb the router, but it’s been a pleasure putting one of your machines together. Thanks!

Timothy, Forum

MillRight provides a great product at an affordable price. Beyond that, the after purchase service is outstanding. The forum is a great place to get help resolving any issues and for people new to CNC to gain much needed knowledge to get started and beyond. I would highly recommend both the company and their products to anyone interested in the CNC world.

Ray S, E-mail


I just wanted to say thank you. Table runs great. Turning out great pieces in carbon fiber.

Sean, E-mail


I have my new M3 assembled, wired and working great. No issues assembling, very detailed instructions, thank you very much. I’ve only milled the waste board flat so far but I’m sure I’ll be creating lots of sawdust soon….thanks for the nice kit, I know this old man will have a lot of fun.

Maurice, E-Mail


I am more than happy with your machine.

Jerry, Forum


I would like to thank you and all those at Millright. I am so glad I chose your company to purchase a hobby machine. I have the M3 assembled and running. The assembly instructions and other support resources have been very helpful. I am preparing to make some test cuts and then the first project with the router attached. The videos you made about these steps are clear and easy to follow. I appreciate the videos and all of the support you provide.

John V, E-mail


Thanks for the wonderful machine. Looking forward to your future machines.

Marcelo, Facebook


I purchased an M3 as a first CNC knowing nothing about any of it. [I] have not regretted one single thing. From the capability of the M3 to the customer service, all top notch.

Andrew, Facebook

The build was easier than the 3D printers I have put together and I don’t think many people would have a hard time putting it together. Initial impression is that the machine is well made and well designed. I would highly recommend the starboard, if for no other reason than I like the aesthetic.

kevin56, Forum


I really appreciate all the help yall are giving. This is probably the best customer service I have ever gotten from a company

Thomas A, Email


I purchased this machine directly from MillRight and have to say that it was the best customer service experience that I have had in a long time – possibly ever. In fact, not only was Derek willing to customize my order, he was also willing to send me the kit and miscellaneous parts overnight and on three separate occasions. With that said, if you are looking for an introductory 3-axis machine that is both small enough to sit on a desktop, but affordable and rigid enough for hobby-level tolerances in soft materials, you really can’t beat this machine. I’ve done a ton of research on the subject and couldn’t be more impressed and satisfied with having gone with this product.

Dillon M., 5 Star Review on Amazon


MillRight has great customer service.

Biggie_BR; Reddit


Never having purchased a kit of any kind before, I was wondering how much frustration would pour into my world (as a mechanical fixing type I’m not). One of the key reasons I purchased this kit was that it was AMERICAN MADE, had instructions, and had support. I have a full size CNC coming in the fall/winter. I did not want to mess around and disrupt my CNC learning process by getting a kit you had to “tinker & toy” with constantly to get it to work. I chose the King because it was this type of kit. I was looking for a mini CNC, wanted it made/supported in USA, and was reasonable in price. I have found that the product support here is tops. I would easily rate it an A if not an A+, the quality of the kit is professionally engineered and its components have not been skimped on. So far I am very happy with the way things are turning out and can’t wait to finish the build. If anyone is looking for a well thought out and engineered kit (with support) I’d have to say this one does not disappoint! Looking forward to the rest of my build over the next couple weeks as time avails. Knowing what I know now about this kit, I would not hesitate to buy it again.

Kec-10238, Forum


Seriously guys and gals, this thing is the best deal in American made desktop CNC machines.

into_the_dirtshop, Instagram


Amazing, fast customer support. A company that really cares about its customers.

James B., Facebook


I must say, the packaging was exceptional, and the design well thought out. There are a few areas of improvement, but I’m sure those will/can be addressed as the product matures, and newer and better versions/designs come out.The assembly process was smooth with no major issues.The MillRight CNC support and customer service is awesome, and second to none. My e-mail queries were responded to very promptly, even [over] the Easter Holiday weekend.

gkr, Forum


I got my Carve King a couple weeks back and had some real fun building this kit (thanks to Derek for all his patience with me). I have to tell you this machine has exceeded my expectations. Beautiful machine.

mrspicman, Forum


I am very happy with the Carve King. I feel it was very easy to follow the instructions and the customer service was great. This [forum] has been a very big help in getting me up and running also.

James, Forum


Thanks for the awesome kit, MillRight! I’ve never done anything with CNC before, but had no trouble following the instructions to assemble it. It’s impressively sturdy and rigid for being made of MDF.

Brandon W., Facebook


Many thanks to Derek for the great customer support. What sticks out to me most about this is how solid it is. If you put it together correctly it is a very sturdy setup.

vgcustomshop, Forum


So far I am very impressed with the community that has been created here. Everyone’s eager to learn and very willing to share their knowledge and help others.

Rob, Forum


I bought this kit think[ing] it would take me forever to assemble but it didn’t. Right away as soon as I got it I opened it and started the build. Less than 8hrs from start to finish building the entire machine. I had a budget to stay under $1000. I built my entire CNC (including computer to run it) for less than 1000$. It runs great and I’ve only had it a week but I’ve cut something with it every day so far!! Also, messaging direct to MillRight you will get an answer back same day if not instant unlike the guys selling that China crap. So far impressed. Money well spent.

dad_sm (left a 5 star review on eBay), eBay


Thank you guys, first off, for the great job on packaging and shipping the product. I received it faster than you said I would, and it was packaged very well.

mrbigj, Forum


Made my first test cut last night, and I’m in love. Ran the test file with a plain end mill, and it came out great.

dlinderm, Forum


The support you get here is excellent and very much appreciated and would say a lot of people feel the same way.

breslinmr, Forum


I love my M3!

bwerner22, Forum


I am very proud of my MillRight M3 CNC machine. Ran it for over 90 minutes on various parts and pieces of projects today with no problems whatsoever. It’s a very fun little machine, the kit was very well built and instructions were easy enough for two novices to build in nine hours. Value for money, you can’t beat it. Looking forward to what MillRight does in the future.

Mathis W., Facebook


I love how active and generous this forum community is. Having a fun time with the build so far… very well organized and labelled hardware, and clear instructions.

dare, Forum


I got my CNC last week and I love it.

blueblast88, Forum


I love this little machine. Obviously it has it’s limits but it’s absolutely the best bang for the buck.

aforww, Forum


Whether you’ve purchased your machine or not, this forum is a great resource.

Kevin, Forum


Still figuring things out, but I love this machine.

mrbigj, Forum


The MillRight seems like a great option for someone like me that wants to try CNC but not spend a ton of money until they know they can be successful.

osustang232, Forum


The only disappointment I had when I opened the box was I didn’t find a check or cash in it. A great machine and even greater support.

bobbatt, Forum