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Premium Clamp Set



Never struggle to hold a part down again with this premium clamp set. You get a variety of clamps for top clamping and side pressure clamping along with an edge register to locate your work piece the same place every time.

  • 6 Aluminum Top Clamps with adjustable backstop
  • 6 Stainless Steel Slotted Clamps
  • 4 Side Pressure Clamps with Adjustable Pressure Feet
  • 4 Side Pressure Stops
  • 1 Edge Register
  • Miscellaneous hardware (be sure to specify which machine you have for the appropriate hardware)
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This 21 piece premium clamp set makes work holding easier and more secure with its variety of clamps.

The aluminum top pressure clamps come with an adjustable height rod that can be spun by the black thumb wheel to the desired clamp height. The matching foot on the bottom prevents marring on your bed surface. The low profile slotted stainless steel clamps are under 1/8″ thick to maximum clearance. The side pressure clamps hold your workpiece by sandwiching the workpiece between the side pressure stops or edge register to hold the piece in place, leaving the top completely clear for engraving or surfacing. The edge register is meant to be installed on your bed and used as a locating square so you can slide your workpiece to the same spot every time.

The thumbwheels/pressure feet come pre-assembled and you even get a convenient storage case for putting away all of your clamps. The storage tray even has a slot for storing extra cutters.

This clamp set comes with some extra hardware and/or T nuts (as appropriate) depending on the machine and bed type you specify.

We also provide an instruction sheet to help you understand how to best use the clamps.

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Select Machine and Bed Type

MDF Bed with Panel Nuts (MV with MDF Bed, MV XXL, MVFS), T Plate Bed (MV w/ T Plate or Power Route Plus), Fixture Plate Bed (MV Pro), T Track Bed (CK2 and MV Pro Full Sheet)

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